Mark S. Delaney's Saltwater Flies

Mark's Saltwater Flies

Click on the picture or fly name for the recipe/flytying instructions.

Baby Shad
tied by Don Puckett
Baby Speck Tandem
Electric Chicken Clouser
tied by Allan Fish
Epoxy Shrimp
Feather Finger Mullet
NEW!: 7/31/05
Floating Mullet
Floating Shrimp
Floating Silversides
Foam Saltwater Popper
Foam Saltwater Wigl-Bug
Glass Minnow (classic)
New! 8/11/05
Glass Minnow
Glass Shrimp
Golden Charlie
tied by Wiliam Andrus
Golden Redfisher
tied by Wiliam Andrus
Ice Shad
tied by Wiliam Andrus
Redfish Chili
Redfish Muddler
tied by Wiliam Andrus
Seaducer Noir
tied by Wiliam Andrus
Shad Fry
tied by Don Puckett
Spoon Fly
Wing-tailed Clouser
Wire Bead Wiggle Minnow
tied by Valerie Delaney

Mark's Bass & Panfish Flies

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