Epoxy Shrimp

Epoxy Shrimp

Hook: Mustad 92611 1-1/0 with offset straightened.
Thread: White 3/0
Head: Mixture of Krystal flash and offwhite bucktail
Eyes: Artificial anthers from artifical flower shop or bridal section with bulbous end painted black
Body: Chenille
Hackle: Saddle hackle palmered from just behind head to tail
Shellback: epoxied crimped nylon (Ultra Hair)

Tying instructons: This is one of many recipes for "epoxy shrimp" that can be found. It is similar to an Ultra Shrimp but will have more action due to the bucktail and Krystal Flash head. Tie in a mixture of Krystal flash and bucktail 2/3 of the way to the bend of the hook pointing past the bend to form the head. Build tapered body of chenille. Tie in artificial anthers for eyes at the end of the chenille body nearest the bend of the hook Palmer hackle from just behind the head almost to the eye of the hook. Tie in crimped nylon at eye of the hook and tie down again near the eyes to form the shellback. Coat the crimped nylon with 5 minute epoxy applying it with a small disposable paint brush. Allow the epoxy to cure.

Tied by Mark Delaney, delaney@mail.mcneese.edu

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