Hook: Mustad 34007, 3407, or 92611 with offset straightened, size 2 to size 6
Underbody: Diamond braid, or large Krienik braid
Body: Hackle, densely palmered over underbody Eyes: Nickel plated turned brass eyes or bead chain
Tail: Marabou
Head: Red plastic craft bead
Antennae: Krystal Flash or crimped nylon

This fly was developed by Danny Williams of Lake Charles, Louisiana. It is an effective impressionistic shrimp pattern, that can be tied in whatever color desired. For shorter bodied flies, use a Mustad 34007 or 3407. For a longer bodied fly, used Mustad 92611 starightening the offset with a pair of pliers. For flies made for the marsh, it may be useful to bend the shaft ofthe hook about 60 degrees toward the point of the hook at a point about 3/8" back from the eye of the hook. This will allow the fly to "stand up" on the marsh bottom and will be more visible to the fish. Mount the hook in the vise. Place the bead at the eye of the hook ands secure it with wraps of thread. Advance the thread to about 3/8" behind the eye of the hook. Attach the eyes (weight) with figure eight wraps of thread (if the hook has been bent, the eyes should be attached right at the bend.) The thread is then advance to just before the bend of the hook. The antennae are then tied in facing off the rear of the hook. The tail of marabou is then tied in. The hackle is then attached and the braid is attached as well. The thread is returned to the head of the fly. The braid underbody is wrapped on and then tied of just behind the red plastic bead. The thread is then advanced to just behind the eyes. the hackle is then palmered densley over the underbody and tied off just behind the eyes. The thread is then returned to just behind the plastic bead and tied off. the wraps here are coated with head cement.

The fly can be fished as a streamer, or if fished off the bottom with the bent hook, the fly may be hopped to position it in front of crising or feeding fish.

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