Redfish Chili

Hook: #2 Mustad 3407
Thread: Red 3/0
Eyes: Ni plated lead dumbbell eyes
Tail: Russet Marabou
Body: Copper metallic canvas yarn
Hackle: Orange saddle hackle

Instructions: First bend the eye end of the hook shank (at about 3/8-1/2") toward the hookpoint to make a 60 degree angle with the rest of the hook shank. Then just at the straight part of the hook shank attach the dumbell eyes. Advance the thread to the bend of the hook, and tie in the tail of russet marabou. Attach the orange saddle hackle at the bend of the hook, then attach the copper metallic canvas yarn for the body material. Return the thread to just behind the dumbbell eyes. Wrap the body of copper metallic canvas yarn and tie off and trim any excess. Then palmer the orange saddle hackle over the body to just behind the eyes, tie off and trim. Return the thread toward the eye of the hook and make a neat head and tie off finishingthe fly. Add head cement to the wrappings.

Presentation Tips: This fly is a color variation of the chili pepper, resized for redfish. The fly is designed to be used in the marshes of southwest Louisiana. The bend in the hook shank allows the end of the fly to stand up from the bottom and be noticed. The fly is used mainly in sightfising situations, cast ahead of the redfish, and either retrieved not at all, slowly, or with very small hops.

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