Wide Side


Hook: 3/0-4/0 Eagle Claw L222 up-eye circle hook
Body: Hanks of brushed-out nylon from craft cord alternated with flash material
Eyes: Yellow with black pupil doll eye
Thread: White monocord, 3/0

This fly was developed by Dave Couinard (see Fly Fishing in Saltwaters, Volume 7 No. 4. Jul/Aug 2000, p. 22). This fly is tied on a circle hook. If the L2222 hook isn't avalable, an Eagle Claw L197G circle hook may be modified to be suitable. To modify an L197G hook, use a pliers take most, but not all of the offset out of the hook. Then bend the eye up to an up eye position. Place the hook in the vise. Wind the thread down from the eye to the bottom of the hook (the hook points up in this fly). Cut an 8" pice of the desired color of craft cord. Fray one end and pull a hank of the craft cord out. Brush this out using a small stainless steel detail brush. Tie the bushed out hank onto the hook along the hook shank in the middle. Fold the top back over the hook and put a couple of loops over it to hold it down and going toward the back of the fly. Alternate flash or tinsel going up the shaft of the hook toward the eye. When enough layers have been added to make the profile of the fly correct, add in a wing of peacock herl. Using a very sharp scissors, trim the fly to the desired profile. Coat all the windings of thread with Softex or Goop thinned with toluene. Epoxy on doll eyes.

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