Wire Bead Wiggle Minnow

Hook: Mustad 92622, Size 2, offset straightened
Thread: Metallic green
Body: Thread
Extended body: Small turquoise colored wire bead attached using fluorescent green nylon cord knotted at end
Tail: Fluorescent green nylon cord frayed after knot
Wing: blue mylar from mylar duster

Instructions: The turquoise bead is threaded onto a length of fluorescent green nylon cord with an overhand knot at one end. The cord is attached to the hook with the thread so that the bead can swing freely past the bend of the hook. The body of the metallic thread is built up. A wing of blue mylar from a mylar duster is tied in and trimmed. The head of the fly is treated with head cement. The last step is to fray the green nylon craft cord past the overhand knot to form the tail.

Valerie Delaney

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