Baby Speck Tandem

Hooks: 1/0 Mustad 3407
Link between hooks: 60# Ande monofilament
Body rear hook: White mylar fibers from mylar duster, 4 white saddle hackles
Eye: glow-in-the-dark pony bead with painted pupil
Body front hook: White mylar fibers from mylar duster and 4 white saddle hackles
Wing: White crimped nylon
Gill: Collar of red saddle hackle just behind eye
Overwing: Violet holographic Christmas tinsel (Wal Mart)
Other: 3mm white craft foam
Thread: 3/0 white
5-minute epoxy

Tying Instructions: The glow-in-the-dark pony bead is postioned about teh middle of the shaft of the front hook, and a narrow piece of 3 mm white craft foam is threade through the hole of the bead to help hold it in place on the hook shaft. White thread is then wrapped around the ends of the craft foam on either side of teh bead to hold the bead in place. The thread is tied off. Black pupils are painted on teh bead, and the bead and thread wraps coated with 5-minute epoxy and rotated while drying. On the rear hook, a body of white mylar fibers from a feather duster is tied on, along with 4 saddle hackles, tied splayed. Sixty pound Ande mono filament is tied to the eye of the hook via a uniknot. To straighten the monofilament, it was pulled on with a pliers and heated very gently with a disposable lighter. The mono was cut and a ball made on the mono with the heat from the lighter so that the length of mono was about 1 1/2". The rear hook is attached to the front hook but many winds of thread along the hook shaft. the ball on the mono should be right behind the luminous eye bead. The body of white mylar fibers from the mylar duster is added to the front hook just behind the luminous followed by 4 saddle hackles tied cupped. The thread is wrapped behind the luminous eye and tied off and trimmed. The ends of the mylar fibers and saddle hackles from the front hook are then tied down with the thread at the head of the second hook, and then tied off. The thread is reattached at the eye of the front hook. The wing of crimped white nylon is tied in here and then tied down just behind the luminous eye. A collar of red saddle hackle is added just behind the eye to simulate gills, and the thread returned to the eye of the hook. The overwing of violet holographic tinsel is then added. A head o white thread is made and tied off. The wings are trimmed to appropriate lengths. Brown spots are added to the flanks of the fly using a brown fine point Sharpie.

Presentation Tips: Basically this is a large streamer that has very low wind resistance. It is appropriate for redfish, Spanish mackeral, king mackeral, etc.

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