Wire Bead Royal Coachman Streamer

Hook: Eagle Claw 215A, size 10
Thread: Black monocord 6/0
Body: Small red colored wire bead
Tail: Yellow mylar from mylar duster marked with fine point permanent black marker
Wing: White saddle hackles (two)
Collars: peacock herl

Instructions: The tail of yellow mylar is tied in first. then the back collar of peacoc herl is installed. The red wire bead is then slipped on the shaft of the hook over the eye and pushed back to the rear collar. The front collar of of peacock herl is installed right in front of the wire bead. Then wings of white saddle hackle are installed angled back over the body. the last step is to put two vertical bars of black on the tail using a fine tip permanent marker.

Mark Delaney

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