Spoon Fly

Spoon Fly

Hook: Mustad 92611, size 1 with offset straightened
Thread: 3/0 nylon, color to match tail
Tail: Marabou and Krystal Flash (or mylar tinsel)
Spoon Blade: Prizm tape or other reflective material folded over, epoxied to hook shaft cut to shape and coated with epoxy

Tying Instructions:

Using pliers, straighten the offset and place hook in vise. Tie in Marabou and Krystal flash for tail. Remove the hook from the vise and using fingers or pliers put a small gradual vertical bend making a shallow hump in the hook shaft. Fold over a piece of prism tape and trim to approximately 3/4"X1-1/2". Using a sharp X-acto knife cut a 1/4" slit perpendicular to the long axis of the prizm tape 1/16" from the front and back of the tape. Thread the tape onto the hook shaft over the hook eye. Tape the hook w/prizm tape down to a board using masking tape, tape over the eye and base of hook where you tied in tail material. Hook point should be in the air and directly aligned with the hook shaft. Glue the hook shaft to the prizm tape using five minute epoxy. After the epoxy is comepletely cured trim the prizm tape to shape using sharp scissors. Both sides of the blade portion of the fly are then completely covered with epoxy and fly rotated until the fly has cured. This is one of many versions of spoonflies, which may be made from materials such as prizm tape. Others are made of Mylar tubing stiffened with epoxy. The latest version is made with fake fingernails sanded to shape.

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