Glass Minnow

Glass Minnow

Hook: #2 to 1/0 Mustad 92611 saltwater hook with offset straightened
Body: "Clear" holographic film ("Funky film") coated with epoxy
Eyes: Gold holographic eyes
Wing: Crimped mylar tinsel topped with peacock herl
Tail: White marabou and continuation of mylar and peacock herl

Instructions: Fold a piece of "clear" holgraphic film ("Funky Film" found in hobby and craft stores) over the hookshank. Trim the holographic film to the same profile as a glass minnow. Attach a tail of white marabou just before the bend in the hook shank. For the wing tie in 6-10 strands of silver tinsel topped with 4-6 strands of peacock herl at the head of the fly. Tie the silver tinsel and peacock herl down at the point where the marabou is tied in for the tail so that the silver tinsel and peacock herl follow the top contour of the fly. Add the gold holographic eyes (I make them with a hole punch and a black paint pen). Coat the body and the portion of the wing above the body with 5-minute epoxy and rotate while curing.

This is very similar to the silversides fly and a good iimitation of the glass minnow found in the Gulf of Mexico. - MSD

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