Floating Silversides

Floating Silversides

HOOK: Gold Aberdeen of appropriate size
BODY: 2 large white sponge rubber spider body
TAIL: White craft fur topped with mylar tinsel topped with white ultra hairtopped with peacock herl
EYES: Painted

This fly is a modification of a Clouser floating minnow pattern. The thread is attached to the hook and wound 2/3 of the way down the shank toward the bend. The tail is tied in. The body is glued around the shank using Goop with thread wrapped around the two halves of the body until the Goop sets. The thread wraps are removed from the two halves of the body after four hours. A strip of aluminum foil is attached to the top of the sponge rubber body using contact cement. Peacock herl , 4 strands are tied in along the top of the back and tied down at the tie in pont for the tail. The peacock herl and aluminum foil on the sponge rubber body are coated with thinned Goop. The eyes are painted on using Testor's model paint.

MArk Delaney, delaney@mail.mcneese.edu

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