1. Wrap a thread base to between the hook barb & hook point.

  2. Tie in eyes: either bead-chain or plastic using figure eight wraps. At the same place tie in your Red wire-put wire into material clip.

  3. Wrap thread just past hook barb and tie in the Carapace- on this fly I use "pearl" fish hair. I start with about 3 inches. The fish hair should extend past the hook bend about the length of the hook shank. Now fold this material back into the material clip also.

  4. Advance thread to just forward of the eyes-attach "pearl" estaz. Now bring thread forward to eye. Let your bobbin hang and wrap estaz forward to waiting thread. Tie off and clip excess.

  5. Bring fish hair- CARAPACE- forward to waiting thread. Make several good solid wraps. Lift up the fish hair and give it a couple wraps under the fish hair- this helps slightly raise the carapace off the eye of the hook. Don't trim the fish hair yet.

  6. Get the wire out of the material clip and make two tight wraps over the fish hair just in back of the eyes. Then spiral wrap the wire- opposite direction of the estaz- to the waiting thread.

  7. One extra wrap of wire at the hook eye. Clip excess wire. Now do a whip finish & seal the thread wraps with head cement.

  8. Pull "up" slightly on the fish hair and trim it off about 1/4 in front of the hook eye.

  9. Go fish the fly.

George Church

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