Gill Getter

Gill Getter

Originator: John Gantner

Hook: #10 bronze or gold Aberdeen
Tail: Craft fur of desired color
Abdoomen: Chenille or pipe cleaner of desired color
Legs: White rubber hackle
Shellback: Craft fur, same piece as tail

Tie in the craft fur so that it is pointing past the front of the hook. (This will later be folded back to form the tail and shellback.) Tie in your chenille (or pipe cleaner,) and wind to bend of hook, and wrap here with the tying thread. Advance the thread to the middle of the hook, and tie in two pieces of rubber hackle per side, (to make a total of eight legs.) Wrap the thread back to the end of the body. Fold the craft fur back over the body, and wrap it down at the end of the body. Tie off at the end here with six half-hitches. Coat the wraps here with head cement. Trim the tail so it protrudes no longer than a 1/4 to 1/8 inch past the bend of the hook. This is the simplest fly that I tie, and probably the most effective. The color scheme is easily varied. In southwest Louisiana the most effective colors are white body/black back, grey body/black back,(especially when the dragonfly nymphs are emerging,) yellow body/yellow back, and blue body/lt blue back. You can also play with all the different colored pipe cleaners from the craft store, including ones containing Mylar and tinsel.

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