Dark Fly

Dark Fly

Hook: Eagle Claw 254
Body: Black ultrahair
Eyes: Mylar
Thread: Black

1. Tie in a sparse wing of ultrahair
2. Tie in sparse crystal flash
3. Add more ultrahair and tie off
4. Stick on eyes
5. Coat head and body with softex, hang to dry (head up)
6. Add another coat of softex
7. Trim with thinning shears

Notes: This fly is for fishing in the dark. It is important to keep all of the material on top of the shank and coat the body back to the bend so that it will not foul. I originally tied this pattern with red flash for gills, a band of purple ultra hair and a topping of peacock herl. I've found this version just as effective and much quicker to tie. This fly is very durable: striped bass will not destroy it and it will last through at least a dozen bluefish.

John W. Hurley, New Haven VT, hurley@sover.net

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