HOOK: Mustad 2/0 Aberdeen
TAIL: Fine mylar tinsel and orange saddle hackles
BODY: White craft foam, with portion forming back colored with orange permanent marker, covered with mylar gift wrap & textured
EYES: Adhesive eyes


The shape for the body for the crease fly is traced in pencil on white craft foam. The portion that will form the back is colored with orange permanent marker. The bodies are then covered with mylar gift wrap by gluing the gift wrap to the foam using non-flammable contact cement (water based). The bodies are then cut out with a fine scissors. The mylar surface on the bodies is textured by rolling over a knurled surface from a tool. The tail is then tied on the 2/0 Aberdeen hook, fine mylar tinsel topped with orange saddle hackle tips. The body is then glued to the hook using E-6000, Goop or similar adhesive and clamped in place with a bulldog clip until the glue sets. The adhesive eyes are placed on the body and then coated with Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails.

Mark Delaney