I caught this 33 inch, 12 pound chinook salmon off one of the breakwaters (locally called piers, which they aren't) in the harbor of Ludington, Michigan. It was a windy, rainy mid-October day in 1986. You can't tell it from the photo, but I am soaked, and shaking uncontrollably. The chinook hit a glow-in-the-dark spinner with a #5 French blade (with glow in the dark tape) and a lead body for a total weight of 3/4 oz. I made that spinner for pre-dawn fishing, and that's just when he hit, just before dawn. After this, my fishing parnter, Bill Marshall, and I went to the local McDonald's where I changed into dry clothes and we ate breakfast. After that it was to the local sporting goods store to buy some decent rain gear. I've still got the rain gear and still use it today.