Hook: Mustad 34007 size 4 - 2/0 (I'm tying them on 1/0 hooks just for the record)
Thread: Fire Orange 3/0
Eye: 1/24oz lead eye colored black
Body: White bucktail, gold krystal flash, tan bucktail, copper flashabou, and olive bucktail.

I'm fortunate to live in the area where I live because I'm about 5 miles away from Lefty Kreh and about 50 miles from Bob Clouser. There are a lot of very talented and innovative fly tyers in this area who have logged countless hours fishing with Bob and Lefty, and Joe Bruce is just about my favorite of them. He runs a shop in Baltimore called the Fisherman's Edge which is the same kind of place as whatever anybody's dream fly shop would be. If you wish, you can check Joe's page out at On there, you'll find the online version of his store in Baltimore including pictures of many of the different flies he has developed. You can find a picture of the Crab Colored Clouser on there if you would like to take a look at it.

This fly is a regular looking Clouser in its construction, but over the years it has been flat out deadly on just about everything that the Chesapeake Bay has to offer (rock and blues being the main suckers).

John Roth
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