Hook: Mustad 34007 (as small as #8, as large as a #2)
Thread: White 3/0 or similar
Tail: Tan Polar Fibre, barred with black marker, Flashabou accent-rootbeer/pearl
Under Wing: Grey Squirrel Tail or Grizzly Hackle
Eyes: Lead eyes, yellow with black
Guard: Single mono-30lb

Pretty simple tie. On the smaller hooks, the underwing is accomplished with one small clump of squirrel tail. Place on the side closest to you and let it spin to the other side and then lock it down. The hair covers the top half of the hook. On the bigger hook you may need to tie in two clumps. Make them SPARSE CLUMPS !!! I wrap the whole hook with thread and cover with FLEXAMENT!! After the tail is finished and I turn the hook over in the vise, I put a VERY SMALL DROP OF FLEXAMENT on the thread where I am going to place the squirrel hair. You can tie in hackle at the bend of the hook and palmer forward. Tie off at eyes. Clear hackle from top of hook

I have found thi8s fly to very effective in 6-8 feet of water, when the water is reasonably clear

Jerry Goldsmith
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