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VSEPR & Valence Bond Theory Examples

TYPEArrangement of Electron PairsAngle(s)Molecular StructureHybrid OrbitalExampleFile
AX3trigonal planar120trigonal planarsp2BF3bf3.pcm
AX2Etrigonal planar120bentsp2SO2so2.pcm
AX2E2tetrahedral109.5bentsp3 H2Oh2o.pcm
AX5trigonal bipyramidal90 , 120trig. bipyramidalsp3dPF5pf5.pcm
AX4Etrigonal bipyramidal90 , 120wedge, seesawsp3dSF4sf4.pcm
AX3E2trigonal bipyramidal90 , 120T-shapedsp3d ICl3icl3.pcm
AX2E3trigonal bipyramidal90 , 120linearsp3dI3-i3minus.pcm
AX5Eoctahedral90sq. pyramidalsp3d2ICl5icl5.pcm
AX4E2octahedral90sq. planarsp3d2XeF4 -

There is no example on the computer for XeF4. A compund with a similar square planar structure (but not exactly the same electronic arrangement) is PtCl4. The file name for this structure is ptcl4.pcm. The program to use to view these files is PCModel, which will be installed on all the computers in the freshman chemistry labs. Once you have opened PCModel, click on "View", and choose "Control Panel". Drag the control panel to the right of the screen and off the viewing area. Open the file you want and then under "View" again and choose the structure type you would like to view. Most freshman students prefer the ball and stick type of models.