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Possible Topics for Required Presentation in CHEM 641, Selected Topics in Inorganic Chemistry


  1. Victor Grignard
  2. Carl Schlenk
  3. Robert Bunsden
  4. Thomas Midgely
  5. Karl Ziegler
  6. Giulio Natta
  7. H. C. Brown
  8. William Lipscomb
  9. Henry Gilman
  10. Georg Wittig*
  11. Earl Mutterties
  12. M. Frederick Hawthorne
  13. Tobin J.. Marks
  14. Richard R. Schrock
  15. Piero Pino
  16. Roald Hoffman
  17. Alfred Werner
  18. Glenn Seaborg
  19. Ernst Otto Fischer
  20. Geoffrey Wilkinson
  21. Henry Taube
  22. Jean-Marie Lehn
  23. Charles J. Pedersen
  24. William S. Knowles
  25. Ryoji Noyori
  26. K. Barry Sharpless
  27. H. I. Schlesinger
  28. Jeffrey Schwartz
  29. Melvin Calvin
  30. Alfred Stock

This list is by no means complete of people who have greatly influenced inorganic chemistry, but it has a great many people from various fields.

  1. Sulfuric acid process
  2. Ziegler-Natta catalysis
  3. Olefin (alkene metathesis
  4. Single site catalysis
  5. Wacker process
  6. Ring-Opening-Metathesis Polymerization (ROMP)
  7. Hydroformylation
  8. Hydrozirconation
  9. Hydroboration
  10. Ziegler growth reaction
  11. Fisher-Tropsch catalysis*
  12. Conductive polymers
  13. High temperature superconductors
  14. Chemistry of plain paper photocopying
  15. Catalyzed hydrogenations
  16. Couopling reactions using metal species

This is by no means a complete list of processes or concepts, but does illustrate the breadth of avialble topics appropriate for a presentation.

*Indicates topic already chosen by a student for presentation.

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