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CHEM 512 Takehome portion Test 1 Spring 2008 (Delaney) NAME:

Answer the five (5) questions below. to adequately answer them, your book is only a starting point. You will need to do some research (internet, library, etc.) to adequately answr the questions. You should reference where you have obtained your information (internet provide URL, books and articles use a standard reference format). Each problem is worth five (5) points

  1. In diatomic molecular orbital schemes of heteratomic species the term C.I. or configuration interaction is often used to describe the reordering of the energies of the π2px and π2py set and the σ2pz orbital. What is configuration interaction exactly abnd why does it occur?

  2. Electronegativity may be calculated three different ways. They are Pauling, Mullikenm and Allred-Rochow. How is each type of electronegativity calculated? Does this lead to any significant differences?

  3. One of Einstein's most famous quotes is "God does not play dice with the universe." What was Einstein referring to, and what were the major arguments in scientific thought that he was referring olbiquely towards?

  4. There are some similarities and some differences between valnce bond (hybrid orbital) theory and molecular orbital theory. Both have their beginnings in similar ideas. What are those similar ideas? What are the advantages of each type of theory?

  5. Is there an actual limit of the number of electron pairs in a hypervalent (expanded octet) compound? (You will find that this question will lead towards another "rule.")