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Rubber Band Shrimp

Rubber Band Shrimp

Hook: Mustad 3407, 1/0-2
Tail: Piece of Rubber band
Underbody: Floss (color is a matter of choice but should be dark)
Body: Krenik Ribbon, colors-salmon, pearl or other light color
Overwrap: Larva lace, clear or light pink
Eyes: Bead chain medium

Tying tips:

1. It pays to build up a small bump of thread before tying on the bead chain. This will not only anchor the eyes, but will give a smoother head.

2. While it doesn't make any difference as to the sequence of attaching materials, you will get a smoother profile by attaching the larva lace first, then the tail, then the Krenik ribbon and finally the floss. On larger flies you might consider attaching the Krenik ribbon at the eyes and then wrapping back to the tail and then to the front.

I first saw a pattern for redfish in an old magazine...can't remember the name of the magazine or the name of the pattern. used it several times in South Carolina & Florida with some success. Started modifying the pattern to personal tastes, including adding a few drops of epoxy to the head.

Richard Eppinger -

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