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Study Guide for CHEM 102 Coordination Cheimstry

  1. Define:

    1. cis
    2. trans
    3. fac
    4. mer
    5. ligand
    6. sigma-donor ligand
    7. pi-acceptor ligand
    8. chelating ligand
    9. monodentate
    10. multidentate
    11. bidentate
    12. coordination sphere isomerism
    13. linkage isomerism
    14. structural isomerism
    15. stereosiomerism
    16. enantiomers
    17. dextrorotary
    18. levorotary
  2. What is the solubity of Zn(OH)2 in 4.00 M NH3? KspZn(OH)2 = 2.1 x 10-16 and KfZn(NH3)42+ = 2.9 x 109.

  3. What is the oxidation state of the central atom in the compounds below?

    1. RhCl3. 3 H2O

  4. What type of isomerism is demonstrated by the pairs of compounds below?

  5. Name all the compounds on the study guide using IUPAC nomenclature rules.

  6. How many electrons are around the central metal atom for all the drawn structures on the study guide? (including those below)

  7. Classify the ligands below as to whether they are i) anionic or neutral, ii) σ-donor or π-acceptor ligands, iii) monodentate or multidentate, and iv) what number of electrons they donate to the metal center.