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The course will cover the means to search and use the scientific literature and will include the explanation and demonstration of the different tools available to do searches by hand, via computer and over the internet. The class will also stress why it is important for the modern scientist to be able to use all of these techniques.

There will be at least 12 assignments of different types of searches which will include all of the resources available at McNeese. Each assignment is worth ten points.

The class will meet twice per week, the first weekly session (Monday) will include a lecture on techniques of tearching the scientific literature and the weekly assignment, the second session (Friday) of the week will be to ask questions about the assignment and discuss any problems that might have been encountered. The assignments will be due on the next Monday. Grading will be on a 10-point scale. There are no tests in this course, just assignments.

Weekly assignments may also be accessed at:

Dr. Mark S. Delaney
Kirkman 224 C
Off. Phone: 475-5754
Lab Phone: 475-5956
FAX: 475-5950

ADA Statement: Students with impaired sensory, manual, or speaking skills are encouraged and have the responsibility to contact their instructor, in a timely fashion, regarding reasonable accommodation needs.