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Find the information asked for in each question and indicate how you found it. (i.e via Chem Abstracts, other abstracting service, etc., online search, handbook or encyclopedia, indicating the source with a standard reference where appropriate.

  1. What is element 64, gadolinium, Gd, named for?

  2. What is element 71, lutetium, Lu, named for?

  3. What is the density of an aqueous solution that is 50% by mass sucrose (C12H22O11)?

  4. What is the structure, LD 50, in mice and pKa of trimethoprim?

  5. What is the structure, melting point, and pKa of pseudotropine?

  6. At PittCon 2000, what is the number and tile of a paper presented by Richard J. Walsh? Where is he from?

  7. At PittCon 2000, what is the number and title of a paper presented by Judy V. Chauvin? Where is she from?

  8. How many papers were presented at PittCon 2000 that dealt with Auger Electron Spectroscopy? (Be careful!!!)

    Problems 9-11 deal with online ACS journals ( Our ID number and password is 00060932.

  9. Provide a standard reference for all the articles by Ron W. Darbeau that are available online at .

  10. Provide the abstract of an article by Tobin J. Marks available in the online version of Chemistry of Materials.

  11. Provide standard references for all articles available on line at by M. Frederick Hawthorne dealing with the treatment of cancer.

  12. Provide the internet addresses for all internet documents dealing with "thorocene".

  13. Using the February 1999 edition of Index Medicus find article(s) on the isolation and purification of the Ebola virus and return a standard reference.

  14. In Psychological Abstracts Vol. 83, 1996 find articles dealing with Alzheimer's syndrome and comparing Alzheimer's to Down's syndrome. Return standard reference(s).

  15. Using Chemical Abstracts find an article by Alexander Gero on drug receptor interaction published between 1962 and 1966.