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Hackberry Hammer

Hackberry Hammer

Hook: Mustad3103DT 2/0 or 3/0
Thread: Traditionally red
Body: Cactus chenille or metallic yarn to match tinsel
Wing: Tinsel of desired color

Secure hook in vise & start winding thread from eye to bend of hook. After 1/2" begin tying in 40-60 lb test mono on top of hook for weed guard. At bend of hook, tie in body material. wind the thread forward, then wind the body material forward. Wrap and tie off the body material, trimming excess. Bend the mono around the bend of the hook and to the head of the fly to form weed guard, tying it in at the the head of the fly. Trim excess mono. Tie in tinsel wing. Finish head and coat with head cement. Bead chain or lead eyes are optional with this fly. The most productive color in southwest Louisiana is gold.

Terry S.

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