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Fishing in Southwest Louisiana

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Welcome. Feel free to browse the site and explore it. If you find a problem, I would appreciate it if you would notify me at Thanks for visiting. Mark Delaney

Mark's Bass and Panfish Flies
Newest additions: Balsa Frog, Foam Body & Back Crawfish, & Wire Bead Royal Coachman Streamer by Mark Delaney,
Wire Bead Wiggle Minnow by Valerie Delaney
Mark's Saltwater Flies
New additions: Flies tied by William Andrus,
Floating Shrimp by Mark Delaney
Spring 1998 Redfish/Speckled Trout Fly Swap
Organized by Mark Delaney
Summer 1998 Estuary Fly Swap
Organized by Robb Nicewonger
Spring 2002 Saltwater Swap
Organized by Mark Delaney

Pictures from the 2003 Sowbug Roundup in Mountain Home, Arkansas on March 28-29 2003

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I moved to southwest Louisiana in the fall of 1987 from Midland, Michigan. In Midland I fished for walleye, smallmouth bass, crappie and other panfish in the Tittabawassee River, well known for its walleye runs. The Tittabawassee runs in to the Saginaw River and then into Saginaw Bay of Lake Huron. Brown trout fishing was available in the Cedar River a short way north of Midland. In the Great Lakes (I mostly fished Lake Michigan) and tributaries rainbow trout, steelhead, chinook salmon and coho salmon were available.

When we moved to Louisiana, I had to learn a new type of fishing, saltwater. I found that in addition to the bass and panfish that the saltwater species were plentiful and varied. I never know just what I'm going to catch. I do a lot of fishing on the beach in the Gulf of Mexico, in Prien Lake, Lake Charles and some in Calcasieu Lake. I've caught redfish, speckled trout, flounder, bluefish, gulf whiting, black drum, gafftopsail catfish, blacktip shark, sand trout, spadefish, jack crevalle, needlefish and I know I'm leaving some out.

One of my great interests is flyfishing and flytying. I maintain several pages with fly patterns on them including the 1998 Redfish/Speckled Trout Swap, the 1998 Estuary Swap (organized by Robb Nicewonger), Mark's Bass & Panfish Flies, Mark's Saltwater Flies and the Spring 2002 Saltwater Swap

Fishing Buddies

Bill Marshall

Anthony West

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Southwest Louisiana Fishing Guides

Guide Page

Photography by Mark & Valerie Delaney (with occasional help from Bill Marshall and Anthony West), scans by Mark Delaney

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