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Copper Demon

Copper Demon

Attach orange thread to hook shank. Behind eye attach orange marabou for tail. Wrap thread to bend over marabou to form a smooth underbody. Tail should extend gap length behind bend. Return thread to eye and tie in 20 lb mono. One end of the mono should be at the eye and the other should project beyond bend. Wrap the thread over mono to bend to form a smooth underbody. Return thread to eye and attach gold flashabou. Leave thread a eye and wrap flashabou to bend and back to eye. Coat body with head cement. After head cement is dry, tie in orange marabou throat. Tie in bucktail wings so that the tips extend to the end of the marabou tail. Tie in 8-10 strands of copper krystal flash on top of wing. Make large thread head,coat with head cement. When paint is dry, paint eyes on head, white with black pupil. Coat eyes with 5 minute epoxy.

Lindsey Grandison,

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