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Due to the replacement of computers in the Chemistry Computer Lab, several programs the Chemistry Department uses are no longer fully functional. Unfortunately, the "Publish to PDF" function of WordPerfect 9 no loinger functions on the new computers. There are several other options, several of them are free. The two which are free and function well that are described here, both function as a printer driver. To publisdh a document in pdf format, you change the selected printer to the desired program in the printer selction box in each program. They work from within any Windows program that I have tried in Windows 98, or Windows XP.

The first program is CutePDF Writer, and is available for download from This program is fully functional and ad-free. You will need to download both the free CutePDF Writer file and the free converter, Gnu Ghostscript 7.06. You will then need to install both files which are both executables. Installation should be trouble free.

The second program is PDF995. It is free and available for download from You will need to download the PDF995 Printer Driver and the Free converter. This program every time you use it will open a browser window for the PDF995 software. To remove this, you can purchase a "key" for the rather reasonable price of $9.95.

Other pdf editing software is also available at both these sites.

I will be attempting to install Cute PDF Writer on the computers within the Chemistry Computer Lab, so pdf making will be available on these computers. Both CutePDF and PDF995 work well with both Microsoft Word and WordPerfect documents, the two most common word processing programs.