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Assignment 13


As with most libraries these days, the card catalog is gone and the catalog for the McNeese Library is maintained on computer. Much more is available from the McNeese Library site than just the catalog, however. To do this assignment you will need to access the McNeese library homepage. The assignment will be done most simply if you do it from a computer on the campus itself. To do all the things in the assignment from a remote location (i.e. home), you might have to go to the library in person and set up an account. That is usually not necessary for any of the computers on campus. Go to the McNeese homepage ( and click on link to the library on the left of the page. This will bring you to the library page ( Links on this page include Search Catalog, Search Databases, Journals/Newspapers, Electronic Reserves, and Search Library Website, all in gray. Other links on the page are in yellow. The two most useful links tend to Journals (you can readily find out whether the McNeese Library subscribes to a particular Journal or not) and Library Databases. The current number of databases that the library subscribes to totals 102. Some that might prove useful in searching scientific information are ABI/INFORM, Biological & Agricultural Index, Biological Abstracts, Cambridge Indexes, Dissertation Abstracts, EBSCO Online, GaleNet, various InfoTrac databases, MathSciNet, Oxford English Dictionary, Ulrich's Directory, WebPAC (portal to LOUIS, the Louisiana library system), Books in Print, ERIC Abstracts, ERIC Documents, LEXIS-NEXIS, netLibrary, WebSPIRS, and World Cat. For our purposes, EBSCO Online, InfoTrac, Books in Print, WebPAC, and WebSPIRS will most likely be the most useful.

  1. EBSCO Online - Click on the EBSCO Online Link. Agree to the terms of use. Choose the Article Search Link. Search for "methylaluminoxane". What are the five most recent articles mentioning "methylaluminoxane"? How many articles total on the subject were found?

  2. InfoTrac - InfoTrac has various "collections" which can be searched which include General Reference Center Gold, Health Reference Center Academic, General Business File ASAP, Business and Company Resource Center, Expanded Academic ASAP, and National Newspaper Index. Click on the link to InfoTrac. Choose to search the Expanded Academic ASAP collection. Search again for "methylaluminoxane". What are the five most recent articles? How many articles total were found?

  3. WebSPIRS - WebSPIRS has access to many individual databases. The number and content of the databases change with what agreements WebSpirs is able to make at the time. The first part is to choose what databases you want to search, the easisest thing to do will be to check the button to the far left that selects them all. When you do your search then (on the next page) it will tell you that some of the databases are unavailable (i.e. McNeese has licensed them). Most of them won't be in the hard science fileds anyway. After selecting your databases, search once again for "methylaluminoxane". What are the five most recent articles retrieved by WebSPIRS? What abstract or database did each one come from? How many total articles were retrieved?

  4. Click on the Books in Print Link. Books in Print allows you to search by topic, author, or title. choose the one you desire for your search. Searches work best if not combined. first search if the book is in print. Then repeat the search with the out of print box checked, but not the in print box. Find out whether the book "Hydroboration" by H. C. Brown is still in print. Find out whether the book "Hydrides of Boron and Silicon" by Afred Stock is still in print. If they are not still in print, what was their last date of publication?

  5. LOUIS is the Louisiana Library Network and allows you to search the catalogs of other Louisiana institutions as well as that of the McNeese You will find LOUIS under the Database choices, listed as "BOOKS, OTHER LOUISIANA LIBRARY CATALOGS." McNeese's catalog is listed under "BOOKS, McNEESE CATALOG" in the Databse selections. Searches may search for terms anywhere in the record, or may be limited to subject, title, or author. Using either LOUIS or the McNeese catalog determine if the McNeese library has a copy of H. C. Brown's "Hydroboration". Does the library have a copy of Alfred Stock's book "Hydrides of Boron and Silicon"? Does the library have any other books on boron hydrides? If so, supply the title, author, pulisher and publication date.

  6. Through LOUIS determine what 4-year Louisiana institution catalogs are available. What 2-year Louisiana institution catalogs are availalbe?