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Assignment 11 - PHSC 300

Assignment 11 - PHSC 300

This week's assignment is to use pdf-based databases to find information. Such databses are often included on CDs of journals (this is now the prefered distribution method for jounals such as the ACS Polymer Division's Polymer Preprints, published twice yearly with short articles about papers presented at the ACS national meetings in the Polymer Division) and may also be online. You will use the search capabilities of Adobe Acrobat Reader for these pdf-databases. If you don't already have Adobe Acrobat Reader, go to and download it. For this week's assignment we will be using the PittCon 2003 Abstract site at (only because the Pittcon 2004 abstracts weren't been posted, they instead distributed a CD, which they also opted to do for 2005). The page contains its own search function. Perform the following searches described below:

  1. What was the title for the plenary lecture for PittCon 2002 and who presented it?

  2. How many titles of abstracts appear when "DSC" (stands for Differential Scanning Calorimetry) is searched for?

  3. How many abstracts contain "DSC" in the title? Be careful, remember the search function searches the whole document.

  4. Print and return an abstract dealing with polymers for orthopedic devices.

  5. Return the titles of the abstracts when the word "photoresists" is searched for. Print one of the abstracts that is related to biochemistry.

  6. How many papers were presented by authors with asociations to Louisiana State University?