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Sowbug Roundup 2003

On the way there

To get to the Sowbug Roundup in Mountain Home, Arkansas from Lake Charles, Louisiana we had to drive the north-south length of essentially both Louisiana and Arkansas. It was just over a 12-hour drive. The Sowbug Roundup was on March 29th and 30th, 2003.

For lunch Valerie wanted to stop at Toad Suck Park in Conway, Arkasas on Thursday.

A relatively rare photo proving my existence (maybe...I look kind of fuzzy if you ask me).

At the Sowbug Roundup

Photos of a few of the participants:

Tony Spezio (the person who invited all the tyers)

Rene Zillman, who traveled all the way from Germany

Dr. Doug Miller

Dr. Doug Miller again (Will I ever get to see a pic of this woolly bugger of his?)

Jimi Genzling discussing the construction of his wooden fly reels

Jimi again

Some pics of one of Jimi's beautiful wooden fly reels:

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