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As electronic publishing continues, the shipping of printed media may well decrease. Some examples of this are the abstracts for PittCon, which used to be available as printed books. They have more recently opted to either make the abstracts available on CD in pdf format or online in pdf format. Another example of this is the journal Polymer Preprints, which is essentially short papers covering the papers presented at the national ACS meeting in the Division of Polymer Chemistry. Polymer Preprints is available to the members of the Division of Polymer chemistry either as a printed book, or as a searchable CD, with the articles in pdf format. To do the assignment below, check out the Spring 2005 CD of Polymer Preprints from your instructor. When you are done, turn the CD back in to your instructor. When an article is asked for, return the article in standard reference format, (i.e. authors, journal, year, volume, page). Make sure your computer has Adobe Acrobat reader on it, so you can complete this assignment.


  1. Find an article authored by Tobin J. Marks. What university is he associated with?

  2. Find an article by Roderick P. Quirk. What university is he associated with?

  3. What articles contained the word "aluminoxane"?

  4. What articles contained the word "butyllithium"?

  5. What articles contained the word "zwitterion"?

  6. How many papers contained the word "nanotube"? (You do not need to return references for this question).

  7. What polymer symposia were presented at the spring 2005 ACS meeting?

  8. What awards were presented within the Polymer Division in spring 2005, and who were the awardees?

  9. Who is the editor of Polymer Preprints and what institution is he/she associated with?

  10. Who were the chair, chair-elect and past-chair or the Division of Polymer Chemistry for 2005?