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CHEM 512 Addendum for Takehome Test 3 (25 points) Name____________________

  1. What uses could DSC (differential scanning calorimetry) be used for in the following industries? ( 5 points)

    1. pharmeceutical industry

    2. thermoplastic polymer production

    3. thermoelastomer rubber industry

  2. To what uses can a TGA (thermogravimetric analyzer) be put? What types of experiments can this instruments can this instruments be used for? (5 points)

  3. What are the advatages and disadvantages to atomic absorption spectroscopy and ion coupled plasma spectrscopy in determing metal concentration. Compare and contrast these two methods. (10 points)

  4. In mass spectrometry, the parent ion is sometimes not stable and not observed in the mass spectrum. Conversely a peak is sometimes observed at half the mass of the molecular ion. Why might this occur?

  5. Whyare the linewidths in 2H (nuclear spin=1), 11B (nulear spin=3/2) and 27Al (nuclear spin=5/2) broader than 1H (nuclear spin=1/2) and 13C (nuclear spin=1/2).