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PHYSICAL SCIENCE 300, Scientific Literature

Final Assignment

Find the information requested below and provide the information describing where you found it.

  1. Who is the discoverer of the element galliium?

  2. What is the pKa of morpholine? The formula of morpholine is C4H9NO and its structure is shown below:

  3. Is the book "Electron Deficient Compounds" by Ken Wade still in print? If not, what is the date of its last printing?

  4. How many abstracts are there in the Biological Abstracts for 01/2001 through 03/2001 on the subject of Alzheimers Syndrome? Use WebSPIRS.

  5. One of the four-year institutions in Louisiana has a book in its library by the author Russell N. Grimes. Which library is it and what is the title of the book?

  6. Using WebSPIRS on the online McNeese library resources, choose both Applied Science Abstracts and both General Science Abstracts and search for "diazacyclooctane". Print all the results and return them.

  7. Using InfoTrac on the online databases available through the McNeese library, select the Expanded Academic ASAP selection and search for "high-temperature superconductor". Print the first 20 returns. How many total returns were there?

  8. Using EBSCO Online on the databases available from the online McNeese library resources, search for "cationic polymerization". Print the first ten hits. How many total hits were there?

  9. Using the Fifth Decennial Index of Chemical Abstracts find an article by Geoffrey Wilkinson describing the preparation and properties of ruthenocene. Return a standard reference. What university was Geoffrey Wilkinson at while doing this work?

  10. Using Physics Abstracts for 1978, Volume 81, July-December, look under superconducting magnets. Find an article describing a "wiggler magnet". Return a standard reference. In what country(ies) was this work done?