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PHYSICAL SCIENCE 300, Scientific Literature

Final Assignment

Find the information requested below and provide the information describing where and how (route) you found it giving a standard reference where appropriate.

(eg. if you used Chemical Abstracts, give the Chemical Abstract number; if you used an internet search engine, the search terms and the URL of the webpage where the information was found; if you used a handbook, which handbook, publishers, date and page on which the information was found; etc.)
  1. Who is the discoverer of the element germanium? Was the existence of this element predicted before its discovery, and if so by whom?

  2. What is the pKa of morpholine? The formula of morpholine is C4H9NO and its structure is shown below:

  3. In what Louisiana libraries is the book "Hydroboration" by Herbert C. Brown available?

  4. Using Academic Search Premier from the libraries list of databases, return the first ten hits when "Alzheimers" is used as a search term.

  5. What books authored by Russell N. Grimes are available from Louisiana libraries? Which libraries are they available from?

  6. Using Academic Search Premier database available through the library, search for "cationic polymerization" and retrun the first ten hits. Out of the first 20 hits, which were available in the McNeese library?

  7. Using the Fifth Decennial Index of Chemical Abstracts find an article by Geoffrey Wilkinson describing the preparation and properties of ruthenocene. Return a standard reference. What university was Geoffrey Wilkinson at while doing this work?

  8. Using Physics Abstracts for 1978, Volume 81, July-December, look under superconducting magnets. Find an article describing a "wiggler magnet". Return a standard reference. In what country(ies) was this work done?

  9. Using SciFinder Scholar search via Research Topic the terms "cationic polymerization of styrene." How many hits exactly matched these terms? Return the first ten hits.

  10. Using SciFinder Scholar search via Research Topic the terms "single site catalysis" How many hits exactly matched these terms? Return the first twenty hits.

The results of this Final Assignment are due by Tuesday, May 8, 2007 at 5:00 pm. They may be turned into Dr. Delaney directly, or turned into his mailbox in the McNeese State University Department of Chemistry.